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 I believe that humor in all its forms is a  handy weapon--a defense against unhappy, worrisome, aspects of life. It  can be found in even the toughest situations if we look hard enough. And  if we can find the courage to laugh at ourselves, all the better--it's  wildly therapeutic. That's why I wrote Accidental Lawyer, to look back  on a difficult time and see the humor. I practiced personal injury law  on the streets of Baltimore for ten years. Being an ambulance chaser  didn't suit my professional or intellectual goals and it occasionally  tugged at my ethics. A good sense of humor sprinkled with sarcasm and a  hint of cynicism were my survival tools. The novel is a backhanded  tribute to this profession and its unshakable stigma. It's also a  heartfelt bow to the otherwise, high-principled lawyers who wade in its  murky waters. I live in the Baltimore suburbs with my husband in our  partially empty nest. I have two accomplished daughters who make me  proud every day. I consider myself a cool mom even though I drive a  minivan, listen to a.m. radio and need help with my iPhone apps. When  I'm not writing or reading, I'm likely watching sit coms or cooking  shows, preferably with a chilled glass of pinot grigio at the end of a  productive day. 


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