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A humorous peek into Baltimore's legal community, with a thread of mystery.

Six months into her new job, rookie attorney, Jessica Snow is still surprised and just to the right of mortified having cast her lot with Baltimore’s ambulance chasing legal crowd. Her elevated professional status has her wrangling with a local mob boss, duping a drug dealer and confronting phony clients. With her street-smart sidekick, Kari, at her side, she develops a remarkable proclivity for this line of work by wrapping up difficult cases and finding new business in unexpected places.

But her biggest challenge is something she didn’t sign up for—tracking down a killer. To do so, she traverses an ethically murky terrain and must decide how far she can go before she becomes just another lawyer joke.

Along the way, Jess builds a new kind of family for herself, her own tribe made up of friends, colleagues and clients. Some of whom may raise eyebrows at her mother’s dinner table.

Hear What People are Saying

Kathy Ramsperger, author of The Shores of our Souls:
I loved this well-written novel, full of slice-of-life humor. I was pulling for the protagonist, a pretty lawyer with a big heart, from the very start because her bad hair days, which, by the way, lead her to find the exact person she needs to solve the crime at hand. The author had my attention from the book's back cover with its fender bender ISBN number. Accidental Lawyer also portrays the Baltimore I love, and Kim Hamilton's examination of criminal justice packs a message behind its subtle wit. You'll love her final answer to "Who is the bad guy, really?" A refreshing look that questions what's underneath the superficial veneer of our era of sales, marketing, and litigation that challenges the reader to look beneath the surface, from the trouser-ironing accused to the neighbor who carries a pistol in housecoat. My favorite characters were Delroy and his family, but you'll have your own favorites. I fell in love with this smart book, filled with humor, rich characterization, and its share of romance, too. I'm looking forward to more of heroine Attorney Jessica Snow, much more about chasing justice than ambulances.

• • •

Lisa Trovillion, author of False Gods:
An ambulance chaser as the hero of a legal thriller? Who could pull off such a tale? Well, Kim Hamilton has done just that. This novel strikes me as something that may have been created if Sophie Kinsella and Janet Ebanovich were asked to collaborate--it has humor, quirky characters, thrills, mystery, and romance. The main character, Jessica Snow, is a fresh creation, portrayed as a reluctant wrongful injury lawyer handling distasteful cases full of scammers, until she starts to see the usefulness of her skills in order to help people. Her shame over being an ambulance chaser in front of her law school peers and her mother changes to pride over the course of the story as she realizes how much she can help the down-trodden. Jessica is equally adept as stopping an exploding toilet epidemic as she is at investigating a murder. The story is peppered with larger than life characters such as a gun-toting octagenarian neighbor, a mobster boss with a heart of gold, a fussy boss who irons his pants to relax...you get the idea. Ms Hamilton has created a great cast, but the city of Baltimore itself is yet another character that plays large in the story by capturing the feel and essence of the city. Despite the fun poked at the legal profession, the author has the chops to write about the ins and outs of being a lawyer and she brings her experience to bear in the details of the legal mystery. Jessica Snow has a fresh and unique voice, tinged with sarcasm. but still vulnerable and in need of approval as she reveals in this scene: "I'm a lawyer, I'm supposed to represent the truth. There was silence for a few beats before we burst into laughter." Trust me, you'll be bursting into laughter often while reading this fun romp.

• • •
Teri Case, author of Tiger Drive:
Many years ago I regularly read the Janet Evanovich series with Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter (at least to book 15). Hamilton's book is the first book I've read that I can compare to Janet Evanovich's writing, dry sense of humor, and knack for creating quirky characters. I've missed having such an easy and humorous escape (especially this past year). Hamilton has me picking up the Plum series where I left off years ago. Perhaps Janet Evanovich should thank you for the business. Ha Ha Ha.

• • •

Colleen Waterson, Big Shared World - bigsharedworld.com:
This book is so fun! I read it on a beach vacation and it kept me laughing and smiling poolside as I turned the pages! I adored Jessica Snow and the way she sees the people around her. She's a resourceful, smart young woman who seems to make the most of whatever comes her way. I found myself slightly jealous of her cute relationship with the old lady neighbor next door, and her fun flirtations with the local handsome fire fighter! It's just fun all around, and a story that will leave you wanting the pages to keep going and learn what happens next for sweet Jess Snow! I hope there's a sequel in the works 🙂

• • •

Dave Stever, author of Auburn Ride and Toxic Blonde:
You will fall in love with Jessica Snow! Through the eyes of her smart and lovable main character, Kim Hamilton, does a great job of bringing us into the world of ambulance chasing lawyers and introduces us to a cast of eccentric characters that make this novel a very fun and entertaining read. Using Baltimore as a backdrop, she gives us a peek behind the curtain at the life of a personal injury lawyer navigating and negotiating her way through settlements, payoffs, her own life struggles, and even a solid murder mystery. Jessica Snow is a character tailor made for television. Netflix, Hollywood, where are you? I can’t wait for the next one!

• • •

Stacy Donovan, author of Dive
Kim Hamilton does an excellent job keeping several story lines aloft, developing each independently and eventually bringing them together to intersect.

• • •